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Valley Gardens, Harrogate

A Beautiful Summer Afternoon

On a Summer day back in August 2015, I grabbed my camera, jumped in my car and toddled off to Harrogate by myself. I often explored places by myself back then, I seemed very adventurous! Something that I’m trying hard this year to get back into. I had never visited Harrogate before my little trip out, so I remember being very excited to explore such a beautiful looking spa town. Now, luckily my boyfriend is from Harrogate, so we often go there to visit his parents. Any excuse for a mooch around town!!
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Summer Holiday 2017

July last year, we jet set off to the beautiful island of Skiathos, Greece. It was my first time on the island, but my boyfriend had been a few times before with his parents. Also, my first time in Greece! Safe to stay that we had a wonderful holiday, got a tad sun burnt, and ate our body weight in Greek food. Divine. That’s what I call a holiday! We arrived in a heatwave, and when I mean heatwave, 47’c was recorded one day. It was that hot. My brain did not function!!! The hottest I’ve ever experienced prior was 32’c, and even then I could hardly cope…
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A Stroll on the Beach

Saltburn-by-the-Sea is my local seaside town, boy am I lucky?! It’s by far one of my favourite seaside towns in the country. At one stage I used to go every Sunday morning for a walk, maybe I should do that more often. There’s nothing quite like having some sea air brushing off the cobwebs, even just for a brisk walk. It’s equally enjoyable in the Winter, as in the Summer. Winter is a lot quieter, with dog walkers wrapped up to keep warm. I love seeing dogs playing on the beach, it brings me so much joy. Wagging sea-salted tails, I just love it! 

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Snow Day 2018

If you saw my last post, then you’ll know I was wondering if I was going to be making breakfast the next morning. Well, I lost the bet yesterday. 9cm of snow was recorded!! AND the little town we live in was mentioned on the national weather news on BBC! Wowza. I was SO bloomin’ excited that I didn’t get to sleep until 3am. I am the BIGGEST kid ever when it snows. It makes me so happy. I love to hear the crunch of snow under my feet, and it makes everywhere look so pretty, regardless of where you are.
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Top 5 UK Destinations for 2018

Where I Want To Go

I’m tucked up in bed, wondering if we wake up to a sprinkling ‘like icing sugar’, or a couple of inches of snow tomorrow morning. If it’s a ‘like icing sugar’ situation, then woohoo my boyfriend has to make me breakfast. But really, deep down, I want METRES of snow. I want to be snowed in! Other than snow on my mind, I’m figuring out my top 5 places in the UK that I want to visit this year. This year is all about exploring, especially in the UK.

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Where to Go and What to See: The North York Moors #3

Runswick Bay

Often found on postcards, Runswick Bay is pretty much picture perfect. But, in Winter… it’s like a post-apocalypse seaside village. Probably 90% of cottages are holiday rentals, so it was dead. Eerily quiet. So quiet that when I was walking up to get back in my car, I was so shocked to bump into a couple that I jumped a mile, said ‘corr, you made me jump!’, and the gentleman replied with ‘did you get any good shots?’, and with that I just replied with ‘yeah yeah’. ‘Yeah yeah’?! I didn’t mean to be so socially awkward, it just just such a shock to see human beings!!!

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